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Panic bars allow people to unlock a door during emergency situations. It usually features a vertical or horizontal bar that people can push on and a push pad that releases the door’s locking mechanism with one action. Since the user can push on the door instead of twisting a doorknob, they can quickly exit the building. Panic bars also ensure that those with limited mobility and cannot do the actions required for opening doorknobs or levers are not trapped inside the building during an emergency. This makes panic bars very important. These devices are oftentimes mandatory for use in large residential panic bar San Antoniobuildings and healthcare facilities. Military, government, business, and educational facilities also use panic bars. A lot of public buildings won’t pass inspection if they don’t have a panic bar installed.

Panic bars are usually found on doors that require emergency exits and serve a certain type of occupant. Some of the most common places where panic bars are installed include doors serving dangerous areas, doors that serve a lot of occupants and doors that provide an exit from assembly areas. Doors that are designed only for exit don’t require a handle on the outside. An outside handle is often not installed for security reasons. A door handle, however, can be attached on the outside to make a two-way door. This way, the panic bar can be locked in a neutral position and the door can be opened without any problem from either side. If you need help in installing panic bars San Antonio, our highly-skilled locksmith can do it for you.

What You Should Look for in Panic Bar San Antonio

A panic bar can be installed on aluminum, wood and metal frame doors. Many models of panic bars also offer various electronic and security features for your peace of mind. You can find models that are equipped with high-decibel alarms which can be used to alert the management of the door that has been unlocked without prior notice and prevent people from exiting the building. This feature is particularly beneficial in restaurants panic bar door San Antonioand retail stores where occupants may be tempted to skip out on paying or escape through the back door of the property carrying stolen products.

If you don’t know which panic bar to choose, you don’t need to worry at all. Our professional team of experts can help you decide on the right type of panic bar that suits your needs and of course, budget. For instance, a fire-rated panic bar will suit you if you have a fire-rated door. Many interior doors that need panic bars are fire rated. Exterior doors, on the other hand, are non-fire-rated. Panic bars are available in various prices and styles. The number of panic bars you need and their features will depend on some factors such as the number of floors, square footage and occupancy level of your building. 

You can install a mechanical panic bar on fire exit doors. Aside from this, a mechanical panic bar can be installed on doors that need to be locked on the outside but can be opened from the inside. Back doors of retail businesses, offices, and warehouses can go for this type of panic bar. For the highest level of security, you should pick a panic bar that provides a static load force resistance of over 2,000 pounds. This prevents intruders from prying or pulling the door open from the outside.

On newly constructed buildings, door frames can be made to allow the installation of the latest panic bar designs that feature a safer double latch mechanism. This technology makes the panic bar operation smoother and quieter. When you are retro-panic bars San Antoniofitting doors, you should go for panic bars that can be easily installed in the current panic bar footprint without spending a lot of money.

You can also choose electric panic bars that can be attached to a fire alarm system to automatically open the door when the alarm is triggered. Some models of panic bars can be programmed to trigger the alarm system when they’re pushed open from the inside. These kinds of panic bars are usually found in buildings with a high level of occupancy and use a fire and security alarm system. Electric panic bars can also control exit via a delayed exit system, allowing the security staff to monitor access from and to the building.

When choosing and installing a panic bars San Antonio, you have to determine the type of trim that should be used on the exterior of the door. There’s no need for a trim if the door won’t be used as an entrance. You can also install a night latch with a key lock. It can be with or without a handle. You can also install a lever handle that includes a key lock, a dummy handle or a handle with a key lock and thumb latch. Panic bars can be locked on the inside either with a cylinder lock or hex key. Electric panic bars often don’t have an interior mechanical locking mechanism and can only be opened and locked through the security system. Of course, electric bars are more expensive to install.

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Panic bar door San Antonio is now a mandatory safety feature in commercial buildings. Panic bars can be used on delayed exit systems, fire doors, and time-delayed doors. High quality electric and mechanical exit devices provide increased levels of security and safety. A panic bar is a very important tool. If improperly installed, it can put the lives of those inside the building at risk. These people may be running and panicking and they’ll rely on the panic bar to work at the exact time they push on it.

Installing the panic bar on your own is never advisable especially if you have no idea about what you are doing. Leave this job to the professionals. Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio are highly experienced in choosing and installing panic bars to help you. Call us (210) 619-3986 and we will help you pick the right panic bars, San Antonio, for your property.

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