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Your Kia Key Is Missing?

Imagine the scene.  I’m sure it’s not hard.  After looking in all the places where you normally keep your key, you realize that it’s not there.  You double check every place, looking deep, searching harder.  Your heart starts to beat faster.  You’re standing in front of your car door, and as you happen to glance in the window, you see it: the key to your Kia is inside your Kia.  And you’re locked out.  This situation is not uncommon.  We all make mistakes, and we all have those sort of days where nothing seems to be working out.  I’m sure that on this day when you realize that the key is locked inside, it is the most inopportune time for this to happen.  But locking your key inside your Kia (or losing the key completely) can be a situation that can range from minor annoyance to a situation that puts you in real danger.  This means that you are totally at the mercy of whoever is capable of putting that key back in your hands.  If you turn to a dealership, it is very likely that they will charge you far more than you were expecting or hoping to pay.  The solution that you need is a trustworthy locksmith who can get you back into your car and on the road without any hassle or expensive bills.  Because really, who enjoys seeing an unexpected payment of $300 or more add to their monthly budget?  At Locksmith San Antonio, we’ll let your budget breathe a sigh of relief.

What’s the Deal with the Price of Car Keys?

I know, it’s ridiculous.  It’s the question everyone is asking: why are car keys so expensive?  Prior to the 1990’s, losing your car key was not a big deal.  You could go down to the local locksmith and pay $3 to get a new key.  This is because keys made before the 1990’s had no security features other than the unique cut of the shank, or the long metal part of the key.  These keys were easy to copy and replace, a simple job done with the same machine used to cut other keys, such as house keys.  However, modern car keys now come with a chip that communicates directly with the car itself.  The car is programmed to accept the code coming from the key, and the car will start without a problem when you put the key in the ignition and turn.  However, if the programming is not done correctly, then you can stick that key in there as much as you want but the car will not turn on.  Because of advances in modern Kia car technology, breaking into your car is now harder and harder for thieves to accomplish.  However, if you’ve lost your key then this situation means more hassle and money for you.  The silver lining in this situation, however, is that there are trained professionals in your area who are ready and willing to give you the help that you need to get back into your car and safely on the road again.

Replacing a Key Fob in San Antonio TX

An electronic key fob is usually a vital part of the key set for a modern Kia.  If this is what you have lost, then the price will go higher.  All key fobs need to be programmed, so in the end you will be paying not only for the key fob itself, but also for the time that they take to program it.  Depending on the complexity of the design of your particular key fob, the price for this job can start to really climb.  A keyless entry system means that you can get in your car just by pressing a button, and convenience really is implied here.  But going to a dealership to get this key fob replaced is a hassle, and will cost you.  And if you are in an emergency situation, you don’t have time to wait for the tow truck to bring your car to the dealership to get the key out or replace the key fob!  At Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio, we can take care of your key fob.  A replacement key can be made on the spot for you by our mobile auto locksmith team, and the results will be quick and painless.  Wherever you are in Texas, at any hour of the day or night Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is here to make sure you get safely back into your car, whether you’ve lost the key completely or have locked it inside the car.

Replacing a Transponder Key San Antonio 

After the mid to late 1990’s, car manufacturers began placing a transponder chip in the plastic head of the key.  This means that the car will be immobilized unless it receives the right signal from the chip inside the key.  To program the key correctly, special machinery is required, and skilled locksimith technicians who know how to use it.  This is exactly what you will find when you call Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio. If you have lost the transponder key to your Kia, then you need to replace it quickly and cheaply.  Getting you back into your car and driving again is the most important thing for us.  When you are in an emergency, Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is here to help. With one call, our trained and certified locksmith technicians will be on their way to you to make sure you can get safely on your way to your destination. Getting locked out of your Kia is one of the worst situations, especially if it is an emergency.  But 24 hours in the day, 7 days in the week, we are here help you get through and get back to your day.  But of course, the best defense against getting locked out of your car is a good offense.  So call Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio today and get a Kia replacement key made on your own terms, before the emergency strikes.  Invest a little now, and let us save you time and hassle in the future.

Kia Key Replacement Service San Antonio TX
Kia Key Replacement Service San Antonio TX
Kia Key Replacement Service San Antonio TX
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