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Sliding Door Lock Features in San Antonio

If you are on the hunt to find the perfect sliding door lock for your needs, you may be weighing up the pros and cons of each feature and looking at not just how it looks but also at the quality, durability, safety, practicality, and ergonomics of different types of sliding door locks. As we know that all these points concern you and we have experience in helping people find what they need, here are some of the more popular choices:

Sliding Door Lock Bar. This is basically a strong bar that is mounted in a way that it cannot be removed by accident or, in some cases, without a key. It totally blocks the bottom of the door preventing it from opening. And it can mainly be hidden by the frame so it doesn’t stand out.

Foot Locks. A lock that releases by stepping on its counterpart allowing the bolt to free the sliding door.

Door Lock Cylinders. We are all familiar with this type of lock as it generally comes as standard on our front doors. It comes with a key.

Double Bolt Locks. This is practically a deadbolt attached to the door and frame. A time tested reliable lock for any door.

If you are looking at your sliding door thinking that you may not need more than just the latch that it came with, then have a look at the following.

Your Door is Locked in San Antonio?

Most burglaries are made really easy by the fact that homeowners do not have a heavy-duty lock on their sliding doors. We say sliding doors and not just regular doors as usually these are out of the way, maybe around the back where there are no nosey neighbors. Sliding glass doors are even better for burglars as they can quickly verify that there is nobody at home. A survey sent to 85 inmates in a prison in Oregon came back with some surprising results. When asked how they would open a door (that had not been left open), a large percentage said that they would try not to break the glass, but they would open the door by “kicking it in”. The reason given was that a loud banging sound would be more acceptable than the sound of smashing glass, and there would be less risk of leaving a blood sample due to getting cut by the glass. This means that if the lock on your sliding door is flimsy, it will not stand up to a good kicking, rendering it useless. Other reasons to lock that door will probably be more personal. For example, you may not want any young fingers to accidentally open the door, or maybe the door leads to your office and you require privacy. Whatever the needs, rely on us, Locksmith San Antonio, to help you choose and install any lock you may need. You can count on us to do a quality job and keep unwanted people out for good.

Options for your Sliding Glass Door Lock

As noted above, sliding glass doors are high on a burglar’s target list. All the more reason to get a quality sliding glass door lock, especially for more vulnerable backroom doors. When you recruit our services, we will offer suggestions based on our years of experience in order to help you filter through the different options and settle on the right sliding glass door lock for you. Some of the options you will need to consider are the following:

Hide the lock in the panel. If your door fits neatly into a door cavity, then this is an interesting option for you. It would allow the door to be locked into the frame, not leaving any room for leverage. The lock could be fitted to the door pull, not detracting from the overall appearance of the door.

Copper or stainless steel. These are just two of the most popular materials used to make locks. Copper is extremely corrosion resistant and maintains its beautiful color for a long time, it is built to last and ages gracefully. We provide plenty of different options where durability is concerned. Stainless steel alone is a whole category as depending on the elements combined with it, you can get weaker or stronger properties. A stainless steel and aluminum lock does not have the same properties (and price for that matter) as a stainless steel and nickel lock. Just something to think about.

Color, handle or knob, thumb turn or foot-operated, flush pull or round pull, etc… The options continue. Depending on how discrete you need or desire the lock to be, you can have it tailored exactly to your specifications. You will be very happy with the range we offer as we aim to please even the most exacting customers.

Still Indecisive?

That is why we are here. Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio will be more than happy to help you come to a knowledge of what will work best for you and why. All our technicians have been given excellent training, they are licensed, certified, insured and ready to help you with all your lock and key needs. There are no criminals in our team as a thorough screening has been made on all of our employees’ backgrounds, so you can feel secure when inviting our smart-looking technicians into your lovely home. You will recognize us by our uniforms and marked vehicles, so be sure to look out for us as we will take less than 30 minutes to reach you from when you finish talking to us on the phone. This immediate response and professionally skilled work are the reasons so many people use our services. Remember, to get a sense of security that is based on reality, the only way is to provide you home with appropriate locks that stand the test of time and a criminal foot. Call us today or you may be calling the police tomorrow.

sliding Door lock Service San Antonio
sliding Door lock Service San Antonio
sliding Door lock Service San Antonio
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