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Locks not only provide security for your belongings, but also for yourself. It helps you protect your family and important valuables from burglars and people with ill intentions. For instance, if you put a lock on a drawer where you store medication or sharp objects, it can prevent kids from getting access to it and sustaining injuries due to an unexpected profile lock San Antoniosituation. The locks on the back and front doors can prevent other people from entering your property and pets and children from getting out.

Locks can be used to lock away documents, files and important information, so you can confidently keep sensitive records and data without worrying that it will be used against you or accessed by the wrong people. This could be your business plan or diary. Locks give you peace of mind. It lets you sleep easy knowing that your family and personal belongings are safe and protected from various factors. You also have complete privacy and you are assured that your business won’t be disturbed. There are various types of locks in locksmith San Antonio, so you can always find one that suits your needs and budget.

Profile cylinder locks San Antonio is one of the popular types of locks. It’s a locked mode with a cylinder that can be easily unscrewed to enable rekeying. The cylinder may have various locking mechanisms such as a disc tumbler lock, pin tumbler lock, and wafer tumbler lock. One of the best things about cylinder locks is that the cylinder can be changed without changing the bolt work hardware. To remove the cylinder, you only need to loosen a set screw and slide the cylinder from the bolt work. You can also get cylinders in various formats that can be used with the same kind of key. This allows you to have master-keyed and keyed-alike systems that include different profile cylinder locks San Antoniokinds of locks like deadbolts, roller door locks and night latches. Padlocks can be included as well, but these locks don’t always have cylinders that can be removed.

There are standardized types of the cylinder that you can pick from. These include rim cylinders, key-in-knob set cylinders, Scandinavian oval cylinders, Ingersoll format cylinders, and Scandinavian round mortise cylinders. You can also find standardized cross-sectional profiles that may differ in length to suit various door thicknesses. These profiles include Swiss profile, British oval profile and euro profile. If you want to install profile cylinder locks, San Antonio, just call us and we will do it for you.

Types of Profile Cylinder Locks in San Antonio

Profile cylinder locks are used together with multi-point locks. It’s also used in combination with some mortice locks. profile cylinder locks San AntonioReplacing this part of the door locking system allows you to upgrade your door or home security in just a few minutes and you only need a screwdriver to do this. Having a poor cylinder lock on your door can bring a lot of risks. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of this matter. Lock snapping is becoming more common. Replacing the cylinder lock is an easy and effective way of making your property more secure without having to replace the entire door or lock service provided by Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio.

Before purchasing a cylinder, you have to know the size you need. Rim cylinders are all a standard size, so it will be easy for you if you have this type of cylinder. If you own a multipoint lock, you need to measure the euro profile cylinder in 2 halves from either side of the 10mm center section of the cylinder. The cylinder should complement your door furniture and the door’s exterior. Upgrading the cylinder assures you that your hose has the newest security protection for extra peace of mind. Here are some of your options.


With a master-keyed system, every lock has its own individual key that won’t operate any other lock. All locks can be opened or closed by one master-key. This system is common in commercial environments.

Digital/ Electronic Cylinder 

Digital/ electronic cylinders are a locking device that operates through electric current. Sometimes, electric locks are a separate system with an electronic control assembly attached directly to the lock. Electric locks are oftentimes connected to access control systems. One of the benefits of these locks is key control where you can add or remove keys without having to re-key the lock cylinder. Electric locks that are connected to access control systems also offer fine access control as well as transaction logging where movements and activities are recorded.

Individually Keyed System 

The individually keyed system requires that every cylinder be opened with its own key.

Grand Master Keyed

In this system, every lock has its own key and the locks are separate into two or more groups. A master-key operates every lock group and one grand master-key operates the whole system. This system is common in complex commercial buildings.


In keyed-alike systems, the same key can operate several cylinders. This system suits commercial and residential applications like back and front doors.

Common Entrance Suite

Common entrance suite is usually used in office blocks, hotels and apartments. Every apartment has its own key that won’t open the door to other apartments, but it opens shared service areas and common entrance doors. The common entrance suite is often used in combination with a master-keyed system that is kept by the property owner.

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