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Honda Key Replacement in San Antonio

The best thing about buying a Honda is that it is a Honda. The word Honda has become synonymous with bullet proof. People will purchase a used Honda with 150,000 miles and not think twice about the age and mileage of the car. Have you ever gone shopping for a used Honda and forgot to ask how many keys it comes with?  A key for a Honda can cost upward of $300 at the dealership depending on the model. That is the cost if you have the original key. If you only have one key for your Honda and you lose that one key, then you can end up paying a towing fee, a fee to open a locked car and the price for that Honda replacement key San Antonio. You can also be sure that you will lose the key at a very inopportune time. Imagine taking your 2 kids their 3 friends to a water park and when you go to leave you realize you have lost your keys. I think that might be a little stressful. You can avoid that by purchasing a Honda replacement key. The problem is the high cost of getting a replacement key at an auto dealership. The good news is you don’t have to go to the auto dealership, you have another option. Contact San Antonio Locksmith Services and we can make a Honda key replacement and program it to your car for a lot less money than an auto dealership.

How Honda Key Security Functions

Hondas have a great reputation for a good quality car that lasts. This is also why it has been reported as one of the most stolen cars in the past. To deter thieves, most late model Honda vehicles come equipped with an immobilizer ignition system that requires a remote transponder key to start the vehicle. The immobilizer system is designed so that the car’s computer (PCM) reads a signal from the key. The computer has been programmed with the signal all the valid keys generate. If the signal from the key is not in the list of valid codes the car computer has, then the car will not start and the car is disabled. There is also the Honda Smart Entry System which uses a keyless entry and ignition system. As you approach your car, the car and the Smart Entry remote communicate and if you touch the door handle the doors unlock. Once you enter your vehicle, the Smart remote sends a signal that allows you to just push a start button on the dashboard to start the vehicle. The Honda Smart Entry also has neat features like the fact you cannot lock your Honda Smart Entry remote in the car. The doors will not lock if the car senses the remote in the car or trunk. The Smart Entry remote also generates a new random code after each use. This minimizes the ability of someone to grab your code since it changes every time. However these new smart remotes are very costly to replace. 

What If You Get Locked Out of Your Car?

If you don’t have a Honda with the Smart Entry system then you can lock your keys in the car. This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen and you can be assured it will never happen at a good time. Sometimes it can be a minor inconvenience while at other times it can put you in a dangerous situation. In the old days, with a coat hanger, a little time and a little luck, you could get back into your car. If you tried that today you would trigger the alarm and possibly disable the car’s ignition system. Honad Car door locking electronics are more complex and have sophisticated security systems tied into their operations. Newer cars also have their trunks designed to be more secure than the passenger compartment. Which is great news if you want to secure your valuable things but not such good news if you lock your keys in the trunk. You could call the dealership, if they are open when it happens, and they will send a tow truck. The towing company will send a truck when they can.  This will be very costly and very time consuming. Instead you can make just one phone call and in a very short period of time a locksmith technician from Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio will come to where you are and unlock your car for a fraction of the cost. We can unlock your car without triggering the alarm and causing more problems. This is an emergency service that operates 24 hour service, 7 days a week. That means we will answer your call anytime and we will be ready to help you when you really need it.

Why Call Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio, TX?

Maybe you would like to get that replacement key but the cost is preventing you from purchasing one. It is best to purchase a replacement key on your terms, before you have a stressful emergency lockout situation and have to pay even more. Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio can provide you with a key or key fob for much less than an auto dealership charges. Perhaps you go to the auto dealership for all your service and are not sure about trusting your car to someone else. Why should you trust your Honda to Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio instead of the auto dealership? You should consider that Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio has licensed, bonded and highly qualified locksmith technicians. Also, an auto dealership provides many services while Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio only deals with locks and keys. It is our business and we know it well. Our technicians are highly experienced since we deal with replacement keys and lockouts on a regular basis. Our certified locksmith technicians have the latest sophisticated electronic equipment to program that new key or key fob so that your car accepts them.  Our technicians can produce a Honda key replacement San Antonio for laser cut keys, PATS, VATS, transponders, and other high security type keys. We also provide door lock, truck lock and ignition lock repair. We pride ourselves on a quality product, great service and a great price. Call us for a quote today with no obligation.

Honda Car Key Replacement Service San Antonio
Honda Car Key Replacement Service San Antonio
Honda Car Key Replacement Service San Antonio
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