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Why is a Newer Ford Replacement Key So Much Money?  

Before the late-1990s, your Ford car key was just like your house key: a small piece of metal. You could get a replacement key made at any hardware store for about $5. If you wanted the Ford logo on your key, you would go to the dealer and spend about $10 on a real Ford key.  After the introduction of the transponder key, the cost of keys went way up, possibly $80 for the key and the programming depending on the model. A transponder key has a chip in the key that emits a code when placed in the ignition. If the code is not programmed into the cars computer then the car will not start. Later on, transponder keys had the remote entry built onto the key head, which once again increased the cost significantly. Now the cost was closing in on $150 for a replacement key. Then came the Intelligent Access key. With this type of key, you no longer have to press a button to open the door or put a key in the ignition. Instead, the Intelligent Access key sends a code that the car recognizes and when you touch the door handle the door opens. Once you are in the car you can start the car by pressing a start button on the dash. Lastly, Ford has My ford key feature. This allows you to program Intelligent Access keys through the center console to set the maximum speed limit, set the maximum audio volume and turn on the low fuel light 25 miles earlier. This is all to help younger drivers in your family be safe. But of all these functions come at a cost.

Who Offers Ford Key Replacement Service San Antonio?

If you have a standard key (with no electronics) you can get them made at any hardware store, locksmith or the Ford dealership. That is where the vast majority of your options end. To produce a replacement transponder key, the car has to be programmed. The same is true for transponder keys with embedded remote entry systems and the intelligent access keys. The Ford dealership can provide these services, but at a premium price. Many people say that only the dealerships have the tools and knowledge to do this type of work. That may have been true in the past, but today you do have options, and your best option is to call Locksmith San Antonio. We offer an affordable Ford replacement key service. Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio has licensed, bonded and highly qualified locksmith technicians. To provide the Ford key replacement San Antonio service, our technicians use sophisticated equipment and are highly experienced since we deal with replacement keys regularly. Our technicians can produce a Ford replacement service for laser cut keys, PATS, VATS, transponders, and other high security type keys. Not all locksmiths are equipped to handle the newer cars. The newer Ford vehicles require the latest software to reprogram the car to accept a new key. Call Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio for all your automotive key and lock needs. We are committed to providing a quality product, great service and a great price.

Emergency Lockouts

When you lock yourself out of your car your first feeling is panic. How much will it cost to get my car unlocked? How long will it take? Will they need to tow my car? Will they damage my car while trying to unlock it? Who will I call? This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen and, as we all know, it never happens at a good time. A long time ago you could use a coat hanger, and with a steady hand, a little luck and lots of time, you could open the door. Cars are different now and that is no longer possible. Car door locks are more complex and are tied into the cars electronic security system. Forcing a door open will trigger the alarm and possibly disable the cars ignition system. If you have locked the keys in the trunk, things are even more complicated. Car trunks are designed to be safe. Breaking into the car will may set the alarm off, which will automatically disable the trunk release.   Even though security has been improved on cars, there are experts who can get you back on the road.  You can make one phone call and in a very short period of time a certified locksmith technician from Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio will come to where you are and unlock your car for a fraction of the cost. We can unlock your car without triggering the alarm and causing other problems. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Older Ford Vehicles

Do you have an older Ford with a broken trunk or door lock? Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio can repair or replace your broken lock for a very reasonable price. We can come to where you are with our mobile repair unit and fix the problem. Is your ignition key jamming and binding? You put your key in the ignition, it starts to turn but then gets stuck. After several attempts of moving the key back and forth finally the key turns and starts the vehicle. You need to get the ignition switch repaired before your ignition switch completely fails, and your car is stranded. You may think that only the dealership has the tools and skills to fix the ignition switch.  But although you can be assured of this being the most expensive option, it is certainly not the only one.  You can call Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio and we can repair or replace your ignition switch lock cylinder. Although this sounds basic, be careful if you are thinking of attempting this on your own. Most Fords produced from 1998 are equipped with anti-theft devices, if you remove the lock cylinder and/or the ignition switch without the correct tools you may damage the ant-theft system and the car will no longer start. Avoid all the hassles of dealing with these complex systems and call Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio. We can give you a quote for all the workup front, so there will be no surprises.

Ford Car Key Replacement Service in San Antonio TX
Ford Car Key Replacement Service in San Antonio TX
Ford Car Key Replacement Service in San Antonio TX
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