Best Door Knob Repair Service San Antonio, TX

When You Need a Door Knob Repair Service

You know you need a doorknob repair service from your favorite Immediate Response locksmith San Antonio when one of the following happens to you:

  • Your doorknob falls off in your hand.
  • Your doorknob is permanently in a jammed position.
  • Your doorknob is moving, but the latch is not.
  • You can’t open your door.
  • You can’t close your door.

If one of the above or any other occurrence is happening with your doorknob, then it is frustrating. We have learned to depend on our ability to close the door and have some privacy, no matter whether it is a bathroom door, a bedroom door or just the door to the front room. If a door does not open, it will mean you have to spend time and energy trying to pry it open, maybe even searching the internet for ‘how to open a stuck door’, which after trying to kick the latch area may be followed by a search for ‘how to repair a doorknob’ and a quick call to the emergency services. What you really need, though, is to call our Locksmith services to get the job done with particular professional style and efficiency. Our professional team will arrive within 30 minutes of your call, we will instantly be on our way so it could be a lot less, and we will present ourselves with all the right tools for the job and a selection of replacement knobs if necessary.

How to Repair a Door Knob in San Antonio

To know how to repair a doorknob near me requires an internal working knowledge of doorknobs and different types of door knob mechanisms. It looks so simple from the outside-just turn and push/pull-but inside lay a hidden set of connected parts that need to be just right for everything to operate smoothly. When things go wrong behind the scenes, you tend to know about it fairly quickly. To know how to do the repair, first, you should deduce which problem has occurred. Usually, it is one of five. If the knob has been tampered with or installed by a rookie with an electric screwdriver, then it is possible the screws may have been over tightened, strangling the mechanism. It could be something as simple as a lack of lubrication to the internal springs, if this is the case then our work will be done rapidly with no need for a replacement. The door could be the problem if it has dropped, effectively jamming the latch under the weight of the door. If the handle backplate is not lying flat, then the internal neck could be bound to the door. Lastly, If the problem lies with a broken spring because a cheap version has been installed or lubrication was not applied in time, then there will be no repair necessary. Rather, you should have us fit a quality replacement latch.

We Know Our Door Knobs

Our internal working knowledge of doorknobs and different types of door knob mechanisms is second to none! We have worked closely with all sorts of doorknobs for many years, there is not much that we haven’t seen and dealt with. The inside of the doorknob is not a mystery to using fact, however different the outside looks, the inside is usually a pretty standard setup. The knob turning creates a knock-on effect. The cylinder is pulled which pulls the spindle that it is connected to, everything moves to incorporate the latch into the door allowing the door to open. When released, all the parts move in the opposite direction and the spring puts the latch back into position on the outside of the door to close the door. The closure of the door is critical as it allows you to keep the warm air in your house, saving you energy and money. If it is jammed, it will effectively be losing your money! Adding insult to injury. The backplate is also very handy. It is home to the keyhole cover, turn and release locks can be placed on them for bathroom use especially, or a keyhole can be cut through the backplate to make access more secure. If you prefer a plain backplate, then you can have a latch lock on the door. There are many options for you to choose from when looking at the aesthetics of doorknobs, so while you get to work choosing between brass, glass or white porcelain etc. let us worry about the mechanisms. Call (210) 619-3986 us to have us over instantly or to set up an appointment if you fancy a change and would like to see what we can offer you.

You don’t Know How to Repair a Door Knob?

That’s why you should call us. Do not attempt to fiddle with the doorknob yourself if you have no professional training, as you could break what could have been a completely repairable doorknob. You really should use Immediate Response Locksmith excellent door knob repair service to deal with your problem in an efficient and affordable manner. We know that you probably have not included our services in your budget, which is why we keep our prices competitive and as low as possible. All of our technicians are highly trained and certified to work on any lock-related challenge that comes your way. All our employees have passed background checks, and you will recognize them by the marked vehicle and professional uniforms they wear. If you need to replace your doorknob and decide to replace other doorknobs in the process, we are more than happy to help. We know people tend to like consistency in their decor, so just inform our team, and we will bring you all you ask for. Call or email us for a free quote today to get a handle on your problem and to start saving energy and money.

Door Knob Repair Service San Antonio TX
Door Knob Repair Service San Antonio TX
Door Knob Repair Service San Antonio TX
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