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Toyota Key Replacement San Antonio

Toyota has the reputation of being one of the most reliable car brands on the road. This is one of the top reasons that people purchase Toyotas both new and used. Because of their longevity, many people eventually lose a key or end up purchasing a used Toyota with only one key. Years ago this was nothing a quick trip to the hardware store couldn’t solve. As you may be painfully aware, this is no longer the case for most Toyotas manufactured after 1999. Each year the keys for our cars are getting more sophisticated and more expensive to replace, and Toyotas are no exception. In an effort to increase security and provide more functions, auto manufacturers have created keys that now have complex electronics built in. What will it cost to replace that lost or non-existent key for your Toyota? It depends on when your car was manufactured and what options it was purchased with. For a Toyota build in the mid-1990s (before transponders were added to keys) a basic key would cost around $5 at a hardware store. The newest Toyota Smart Key can be over $500. The problem is if you only have one key and you lose it, you will have deal with a stressful situation and spend much more money in what will most likely be (Murphy’s Law) an emergency. What are the options and where can you get a key for less than your monthly car payment? Contact Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio and we can create a transponder key or Key fob or smart key for much less money than the auto dealership.

Transponder Keys San Antonio

A transponder key is a basic key with the addition of a chip in the plastic surrounding the key. The chip in the key transmits a code that is received by the car’s computer. If the code is not programmed into the car, the car will not start and the alarm may go off. I want to make this perfectly clear, it is the car that has to be programmed to accept the new key, it is not the key itself that is being programmed. This is an area where a lot of people are misinformed. All auto dealerships have the machines necessary to program the key. We at San Antonio Service Locksmith have the equipment to perform this operation. Transponder keys can also have the fob (keyless entry remote) built onto the key instead of a separate unit (all-in-one unit). This adds to the price of the key and makes it more difficult to get a spare anywhere but at the dealership. We have this type of key and can program the key and the remote entry system for your car. The cost at an auto dealership could be up to $300 for a transponder replacement key. We can provide a Toyota replacement key San Antonio at a substantial savings. Since each model is a different price and since even within models there can be different key options, please call us and we can help you get an accurate quote you over the phone with no commitment.

Smart Keys Service

Smart keys are not regular keys. They are electronic fobs that are either inserted in the dash to start the car or they stay in your pocket or purse and you simply push a button to start the car. To gain entry to the car you simply approach the car and the door automatically unlocks. They also can perform other functions like opening and closing the windows and sunroof etc. These keys do more than just emit a code that the car computer can recognize. The latest version of these keys uses a code that changes every time you open your car. Since the code is a random number generated when you open your car, it is much harder to hack than transponder keys. Along with the better security and greater functionality comes a more complex and expensive key. The problem is once you have used a car with a smart key it’s hard to give it up. Many people say that you must go to an auto dealer to get a Toyota replacement key. That may have been the case in the past but that is no longer the case. We at Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio can make these type of high security Toyota keys and we can do it for less money. We have the specialized equipment and the training to make a replacement Toyota key. Our technicians are highly experienced since we deal with replacement keys on a regular basis. Please contact us to get a quote with no commitments.

Why Call Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio?

For years the auto dealership is the place most people turned to when they needed a replacement key. With the technology changing so fast there were almost no other options. Today people who put the time in to research a Toyota key replacement San Antonio find that they do have options. Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is the best option for 3 reasons. The first reason is that Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is a full service locksmith. We can open your car when you get locked out, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. We can repair or replace broken door locks, trunk locks and ignition locks. We can make replacement keys, key fobs and smart keys and program them for your car. The second reason is that Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio has licensed, bonded and highly qualified locksmith technicians. All of our technicians are trained to use state of the art sophisticated equipment to carry out the complex task of programming your new key into your car. Also an auto dealership provides many services while Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio only deals with locks and keys. This is our business and we know it well.  The third reason is that the price you pay will be much less than at an auto dealership. Your car is important to you and you want a quality job done right the first time. At Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio we give you great service, a quality product and a great price.

Toyota Car Key Replacement San Antonio TX
Toyota Car Key Replacement San Antonio TX
Toyota Car Key Replacement San Antonio TX
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