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Finding the right equipment for your gate is an essential part of achieving the level of safety and protection you need at home. On the one hand, it stops intruders from walking about your premises. On the other hand, it stops your loved ones–including pets, if you have them–from wandering into the unknown, it’s a dangerous world out there.

Of course, a key part of the fence gate system is the lock. Without it, the fence gate can just be pushed open, which brings you back to square one security-wise. Therefore, you need a gate lock that can measure up to what you expect from your fence.

Locks don’t need to be complicated mechanisms. There is a wide variety of gate locks that range from simple bolts, latches, hooks and fence brackets to advanced security locks with a keypad mechanism. It all depends on the reason why you want the fence gate lock. For example, pool safety locks are designed so that the opening mechanism is high up–even higher than the fence gate height if necessary–this puts the lock just unreachable for the young ones to prevent them from going into the pool area without the supervision of an adult or a responsible person.

If you are not sure what options you have or what you need exactly, at Locksmiths San Antonio, our trained technicians are willing to share their expertise with you to find what you need.

Wooden Fence Gate Locks

Let’s face it, although the lock is basically a safety feature of our fences, it doesn’t need to be ugly, does it? Many of our customers put a lot of care and effort in setting up their beautiful wooden fence, so the lock should be the finishing touch that enhances it. We can show you and install a wide range of gate locks to suit your fence and any ideas you may have. From a black iron “old forge” style that will give an antique look to you fence, to a more modern looking one. Whatever you are thinking of, our trained staff will show you the options you have to make your fence look great, and more secure.

In some cases, burglars manage to open a driveway gate despite the lock by just lifting the drop-bolt that secures one of the sides to the floor. You can easily avoid that by installing a drop-bolt with a lock pad. At Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio, we have accumulated years of expertise and we are happy to share it with our customers to provide them just what they need, when they need it. We have been around longer than most criminals have been in business, so we have seen practically all of their tricks and we endeavor to counteract them with more unique varieties of locks. Call us anytime to ask our professional staff any questions you may have concerning the protection of your property.

Chain Link Fence Gate Lock

While most of the people who choose a wooden fence do it because of how it looks, many of those who choose chain link fences have practicality in mind. However, that doesn’t change the fact the fence gate lock can become the weakest link in your property’s security plan if you don’t make the right decision.

An important part of the locking system is the latch. These can basically be operated by gravity–as in the case of a thumb latch–or by a spring mechanism. These are simple pieces but sturdy and tough, made to last and to withstand gate-slamming.

What types of Chain link fence gate locks and latches are available?

  • Butterfly latch
  • Flat spring latch
  • Fork latch–manual
  • Fork latch–semi-automatic

To name just a few. Why not check out our full selection today? If you are not convinced that just a latch will be enough for your property, you can always increase the security of all those latching mechanisms by adding a keyed lock or even one operated with a keypad. On the other hand, if you don’t need your gate to be locked automatically, maybe all you really need, then, is a good padlock. Getting an extra lock is smart, as latches are pretty elementary, and it wouldn’t take much to break in if someone wanted to. We can also give you advice regarding which padlock would suit your needs more fully. Be sure to consult our services when you need to fit your first or next lock.

Don’t Let the Lock Be the Weakest Link

With such an number of options to choose from, some could feel overwhelmed and give up, and end up installing any lock they find on their gate. This would be a mistake, since that gate lock may not be able to provide the safety you are looking for. If you think of it, what is the point of installing a nice, well-made fence around your house or business if you cannot really stop people from coming in or going out because the gate lock is not the one you truly need, completely inadequate? Therefore, it is wise and advisable to let the expertise and experience of our trained professionals guide you through the decision-making process and let them do the installation, while you use your precious time for more important things. Before you realize it, the lock will be installed on your gate and ready to work, making your fence gate secure and the areas around your house safe for you and your loved ones. Another feature that you can add is an auto-close mechanism, making the gate lock close when you start the closing action by pushing or pulling your gate, ideal if you usually carry loads of things in your hands or if you want to make sure that, under no circumstances, you leave it opened. With our extensive variety of locks, you will not have to choose between security and practicality. Call (210) 619-3986 us today and explore your options.

Fence gate Lock Service San Antonio TX
Fence gate Lock Service San Antonio TX
Fence gate Lock Service San Antonio TX
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