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The Combination Lock: A Key Part of Society in San Antonio 

Your first lock was probably a combination lock. Somebody may have given it to you as a present in the form of a children’s money box or a secret diary, or maybe your first experience was getting ready for a holiday and your luggage required a number to secure it. Whatever it may have been, this type of lock is everywhere. We Provide Best Locksmith Service. On bike locks outside of schools, on bank vaults coupled with a time release lock, or until recently, there have been many locks hanging from the Pont des Artes bridge in Paris hanging as a token of love. Yes, locks are a symbol of endurance and protection. With that in mind, why not check out how a combination lock could make your home or possessions more secure? To start, give us a call at Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio Locks and Keys, fitting locks is our specialty, and we will be more than happy to help you get the best protection tailored to suit you. You will be surprised at how far this kind of lock has come; they are no kid’s toy anymore. They have become a very secure and popular method to locking doors in both industrial or commercial buildings and residential buildings alike. But what advancements have been made in their design? What if I forget the combination? Is this kind of lock better than a standard lock with a key? These questions are all valid, let’s have a look at the answers.

How Combination Door Locks Have Improved Security San Antonio 

The aesthetics of these kinds of locks is not the only thing that has improved with time. Yes, we are fond of chunky retro combination door locks, but they were made from materials that over the test of time have proven flawed. If you were a thief, how could you know what numbers are usually pressed to open the door? Certainly, the scratches or wear on some numbers would give away that those have been used continuously. This, in fact, heightens the risk of a break in as you do not need to be a master sleuth to work out the order in which the buttons were pressed and gain access. In fact, that might be the very reason why you are looking to replace your lock with a new one. You will be impressed with the materials used on newer models, ranging from stainless-steel and cold-rolled steel to a zinc alloy called zamak. In this throw-away society, finding something that was made to last is rare and special, but rest assured, these locks are not made to have any part of them replaced. You will also love the feature of being able to regularly change the combination code for further protection and to hammer the buttons evenly over time. Do you have a workspace or small office that needs protecting? If so, you will be pleased to know that San Antonio Locksmiths can adapt this kind of lock to any interior or exterior door, be it single or double bored. You will not have to worry about prying little hands anymore.

Types of Locks

When looking for a Affordable combination lock, you can basically find two main types. A lock that has one dial, or a lock with more than one dial. The second case is the one that you have probably seen on briefcases. The lock is made of 3 or 4 dials that need to be moved into the right position to unlock the lock. Unless it has been really well-made, this system can be unreliable. Why? Because when if you pull the pin to open it, or the button which is attached to the pin, you will feel that one of the dials will move slightly due to the pulling of the pin, then you only have to move that dial until you hear a click, and then work on the other dials until it is unlocked. Therefore, if you buy a lock with multiple dials, make sure that it is well-made; our professionals will help you to make a good decision. The other type of lock has only one dial. You must have seen it in films, in big vaults. You have to spin it clockwise to reach a certain number of the combination, then anti-clockwise to reach the second number, and so forth until you have dialed all the numbers, then the lock unlocks. Again, there is a downside to these. Some allow some wriggle room so that if you dial the number next to the correct one, they still let you open the lock. Moreover, if there is no resetting of the dialing the code, you could simply try and try until you find the right combination. The bottom line is, don’t go and buy a cheap one, let our professionals show you what a secure lock looks like.

Get Digital

More to the point-digital door locks or a digital version of a combination door lock. They are not difficult for our team professionals to install and provide the security you need. These are particularly good if you don’t want to remember-or forget-keys. Imagine you have many employees, and you don’t want to make keys for everybody, then a digital door lock will do the trick. You may have already seen them in schools, offices or hospitals to separate some areas without having to use a key. They come in all shapes and colors so that you can install them indoors, or outdoors, in an office or in a warehouse, it doesn’t matter, they will do the job. Another advantage is that you can reset the code at any time, so if an employee is asked to leave your company, you don’t need to change the door lock, just reset the code and inform everyone of the new combination. The same is true for your home and keeping newly unwanted people out. Whatever the need, we have a lock for it and are ready to install when you are.

Combination Locks Service in San Antonio TX
Combination Locks Service in San Antonio TX
Combination Locks Service in San Antonio TX
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