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Locked out of Your Chrysler?

You thought your husband or wife had the keys, but they don’t.  You’ve looked in all the drawers in the kitchen, turned your purse or pockets absolutely inside out. You’ve searched everywhere you possibly could but the truth is that your key is lost, and you can’t find it. Maybe you’ve left it in the car, or maybe it got lost somewhere else.  Or, perhaps the situation is that your Chrysler key has been broken.  The grooves of your key can get so worn down that they no longer fit in the ignition correctly, or perhaps the transponder chip in the plastic head of your key has been smashed. But your broken, lost, or locked-in key is no problem for Locksmith San Antonio. With around the clock service, entrance to your car will always be available, even when your key is not! When your sleek new Chrysler is sitting on the road without a way to open it, you need a response team that can come at your beck and call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is that response team, with highly trained technicians whose main concern is getting you back into your Chrysler safely and affordably.  Call directly your local experts in car locks and keys, and they will make sure your day can continue to go smoothly as planned.  With our the help of our mobile auto locksmith technicians, getting locked out of your car is problem that can quickly be solved!

Save Time and Money

The situation when you are without access to your car is most likely going to be an urgent one. When is it that you have the extra time to sit and wait on the side of the road for a tow truck from the dealership to come and pick up our car? Never!  You lead a busy life, and you can’t waste your precious minutes of the day waiting. And even when the tow truck comes, the hassle isn’t over! You’ll then need to be taken to the dealership, and have the car opened and your keys retrieved there.  And the price of this will put a large dent in your monthly budget.  Don’t forget that if you’ve actually lost your key and need it replaced, the price will go even higher. Modern transponder keys will cost upwards of $300 dollars! Why is this? Most Chryslers made since the 1990’s will have a key that includes a microchip embedded into the plastic piece above the key shank. This chip communicates directly with the car, and if the code doesn’t match up then the car will not start, even if the key shank is cut correctly to fit into the ignition. What this means is greater safety in regards to car theft. No one can force the ignition anymore without that specially coded chip. The dealership will charge you a fortune for this transponder key, but at Immediate Response Locksmith in San Antonio you can have even this special transponder key at a much more reasonable price.

Laser Cut Key Replacement San Antonio

Laser-cut keys can be told apart from the basic key because of the shank, or the metal part of the key. In a laser-cut key, the shank is slightly thicker and has fewer cut out grooves. Another name for laser-cut keys is sidewinder keys. This is due to the distinctive winding cut on the shank. To cut a laser-cut key, specialized machinery is required. This machinery is much more expensive than a standard key-cutting machine, which means that you are going to be charged even more to replace your missing laser-cut key. However, the technicians of Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio are fully equipped to replace your key on the spot with this special machinery, with a price that will let your budget relax. The technician that will be sent out to meet you when you call for assistance will be a highly trained and certified locksmith technician. His goal will be to make sure you can get back on the road, even if the key to your Chrysler car key replacement near me is nowhere to be found or has been irrevocably damaged. Anywhere in Texas, our technicians will be able to come to save the day and get you back into your car without the hassle. Don’t spend more money than you have to! Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is ready to get you back on the road, even at times when your Chrysler dealership isn’t open!  As a 24-hour locksmith service, we are available to answer your every need.

Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio Has You Covered

There is any number of problems that could crop up regarding your key or ignition.  If your car has been subjected to attempted theft, the vandals may have attempted to force the ignition and thus done damage to the ignition itself. This will leave you with no way to start your engine, even if you are still in possession of the key! Our technicians at Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio are also trained to handle Chrysler ignition repair, making sure that your car is safe and ready for you (and you alone) to drive it. And if you lock your Chrysler’s key into the car, or if you have lost the key, key replacement from Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is your best option for a trustworthy and reasonably priced service to get you back on the road. This is true for whatever type of key you need replaced. Expert Locksmith San Antonio is fully equipped and certified to replace laser cut keys, PATS, VAT, transponder keys, and other high security type car keys. Another type of key that is very popular with modern cars is the switchblade key.  With this type of key, the shank will fold neatly into the key fob itself, making the unit more compact. But if you lose this key, that means that both a laser cut key and the key fob will need to be replaced! Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio is here to make sure you don’t sweat it. Leave the problem, whatever it may be, to us, and we’ll take care of your needs.

Chrysler Car Key Replacement Service San Antonio TX
Chrysler Car Key Replacement Service San Antonio TX
Chrysler Car Key Replacement Service San Antonio TX
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