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Lone Star Locks And Keys in San Antonio, TX has been attending to the locksmith service needs of people in the San Antonio as well as in the nearby areas for many years. We have a solid reputation of reliability and trustworthiness.

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Our services are fast, reliable and available 24/7, all year round, even during unusual hours and holidays. We always aim to reach our customers within minutes after they call us for help.

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We provide you all the car model replacement keys, Key Cutting and Trasponder Programming in the lowest prices

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We understand that lockouts are unpredictable events that tend to happen at the most inconvenient time.

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Broken or Lost keys? Or need new or spare copies of your house keys? We provide key cutting service for residential needs.

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Locksmith New Braunfels to the Rescue

Using locks and keys is a normal part of modern living.  We lock the doors of the house as we leave in the morning. We use our keys to unlock and drive our cars to work. We use keys to unlock our office doors, cabinets, and drawers. In almost all of our activities during the day the day, we use keys and locks to access our important stuff and to keep them secured when we are not around. Keys and locks are normal accessories of modern living as we keep on accumulating valuable properties and gadgets that need to be protected. What happens then to the life’s routine when we lose our keys or our locks don’t work?

Of special concern to people are their car keys that could be lost or broken when they are far away from home where they kept an extra key.  If you need a replacement key when you are in the vicinity of New Braunfels, a city in the San Antonio-New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical area in the State of Texas, New Braunfels Locksmith is there to the rescue. Their expert Lone Star Locksmith service will save your car from being towed to the dealership for key replacement. The company will send to your location the best Lone Star locksmith who will provide all the services you need on the spot.

Our company boasts of well-trained servicemen that will provide key replacement and other services to stranded drivers in and around New Braunfels in Texas. Any driver in the area who runs into trouble with his car keys will receive the top-notch service from our key experts.

Car Keys

Car is the most preferred form of transportation, especially in the US. A car key is a crucial tool in the life of a car owner/driver as it is the ultimate link to this mode of transportation. The same car key, when it falls on the hands of someone with an ill intent, can be used in illegally accessing the car. This is the reason why utmost care must be given to this piece of hardware.

When you lost or broke your car key, a call to Locksmith New Braunfels will guarantee you that you will not remain locked out or unable to use your car for a long period. Our team of trained servicemen will be able to provide solution to whatever key-related problem you have. Just be ready to provide our customer care representative some important information about the make and model of your car, as well as your location, and help will right be on the way.

Replacing Different Type of Car Keys

The servicemen of Locksmith New Braunfels are conversant with the different types of keys of the cars that are in the market today. The following are the most common type of car keys and they work, including how they are replaced in case of loss or breakdown:

  • Transponder key – This key has an embedded microchip with an electronic code. Introduced in 1995, this key type requires the matching of the electronic code in the key with the code in the car engine for the car to start. A broken transponder cannot start the engine of the car. The solution to a lost or broken transponder key is to reprogram the immobilizer control in order to match it with a new key with a reprogrammed code.
  • Remote control – Most modern cars on the road today use remote car controls that are entirely different from traditional car keys. A car remote control employs infrared or radio transmitters in sending a coded message to the receiver in the car. Through remote control, the owner/driver can lock and unlock a car’s doors, opening and closing the trunk, and turning on or off the car alarms. Problem occurs when the coded message cannot be transmitted either because of spent batteries or remote control damage or breakdown. The problem can be remedied by replacing the batteries of the remote control or by through a systematic receiver bypass.
  • Rolling codes – It is now a common feature of the modern cars. The key sends a new set of code each time the key is used. It is different from a transponder key that sends a fixed code every time. This key type is more secured than other keys because of the limited possibility of replacing the rolling codes. This type of car key can be replaced by expert locksmiths but will be very expensive.

Duplicate Keys

Many car owners or drivers carry a duplicate car key in their person in the event that the main key is lost or broken. It is a good decision especially when one is driving in the middle of nowhere.  You will be in real trouble when you forget to bring the duplicate key and something had gone wrong with your key. However, you can consider yourself a bit lucky if you will have this key problem while you are in the vicinity of New Braunfels, Texas. Locksmith New Braunfels will provide solution to your key-related problem whether your key is transponder, or remote control, as well as rolling codes key.

Ignition Problem

At times, your car problem may not be caused by the key itself but by a damaged ignition, as in an ignition that is jammed or with a stuck key. This is a situation where an extra key in your possession will not help. You cannot use the duplicate key because the main key is still stuck in the ignition. This problem occurs because of the use of low-quality metal in the production of some keys. Our expert locksmiths can easily take out the stuck key or any loose pieces of metal within the shaft and make the ignition work again.

At Your Service

New Braunfels Locksmith will always be at your service whenever you encounter a key-related problem and you happen to be in the area of New Braunfels. You can call us 24/7 and we will immediately answer you call and dispatch the soonest time possible a serviceman who will provide solution to your problem. You need not get stuck in the road for long as we will come to the rescue in no time at all.

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